Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Helping small and medium fashion brands to produce high quality garments. 

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Our production facilities take away all your worries; from a quick sampling process, small batch productions sizes, local sustainable sourcing, social production and radical transparency in the supply chain. From cotton seed all the way to to final delivery to you or your customers. We work together with local communities in developing countries to make sure your business leaves a positive social impact.

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

Fast lead times

We understand that sampling quality fashion garments needs to be as fast as possible. With Labl you can count on an extremely fast sample service. 

Extremely fast lead times

Small batches

One of our goals reduce the batch production size so small brands can get started quicker with lower costs. We will work together with you to find the perfect batch size and lead times..

Flexible and small batch production

Social Impact

Our mission is to give disadvantaged communities a new opportunity to increase their welfare through a new form of market access. Join us on our mission. 

Positive and sustainable impact.


Begin met het bouwen van je handicraft merk vandaag.

The fashion industry is world's second polluter and cause of many horrible working conditions. 

The problem with polluting fashion lies with traditional producers that have legacy systems and old ways of working. Change is expensive and therefore sustainability comes with a price. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the social welfare and sustainability of their products. Around the world, small brands and designers are winning the hearts of consumers away from the fashion giants. There are risks though: not just the competition, but also the complexity of production and logistics involved in getting your product off the ground and into the market.

We want to join forces with you and produce social and sustainable fashion that helps small and medium fashion brands become successful. We will redesign the production process and start building or own micro factories from scratch. We involve communities from developing countries in the manufacturing process and we choose to source sustainable fabrics locally.

We believe that we can ‘refashion’ the production and make the social and sustainable fashion affordable


Discover what set's us apart.

The Social Supply Chain starts with your brand and ends with positive social impact in the developing countries we work with.


Fashion brands are faced with a number of challenges when outsourcing production.

We want to help small and medium fashion brands with the production of high quality knitwear so they can focus on growing their business. Our company will not produce fashion in the traditional way, but we will redesign the production process digitally.


Outsourcing production can be very hard and complex due to miscommunication in the sampling process. From sample to production can take more than 6 months.

Fast sample lead times

We will drastically reduce the sample times with inspiring sample rooms in Europe. We explore creative concepts, show the existing possibilities they needs and quickly deliver samples to help fashion brands in building new collections faster.


Traditional manufacturers often force to order large quantities. This is leading to liquidation of overstocking, pure waste.

Flexible and small batch production

We enable low quantity and fast production by connecting the samples to our fully transparent digital platform. In this platform everything comes together, from product related data to activities from sourcing, production and logistics. Our customers can always keep track of production and easily adjust orders if more is needed. 


There is absolutely no transparency in the sustainability and working conditions of the traditional manufacturers. And most clothing isn’t produced in a sustainable or ethical manner.

Positive and social impact

Our production facility in Kenya is designed for community based manufacturing ensuring people and communities to flourish. We guarantee that we only work with sustainable sourcing partners. All our products will be tracked along the supply chain to create transparency and make a circular economy possible. 


Which brands do we love to work with?

Do you have a fashion brand? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to increase your production? We are looking for promising or already growing fashion brands that we can help to flourish further in production and social impact. If you are a fashion brand that sells clothes we can help. We can fully implement our social supply chain to make your brand a success. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning or already have a name. As long as you aspire to scale your business up and increase your positive social impact we are the right partner for you.

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