The team builder.

We are looking for an entrepreneur to join Labl. If you're looking for an awesome opportunity to jump into a dynamic environment and build a social enterprise from scratch read on. 

Your mission as a team builder.

Your mission as team builder  is to help Labl grow and expand our vision of building a social supply chain. Your daily work will be helping build a diverse team of dedicated hands on people. You are a natural leader and an entrepreneur at heart. 


You will primarily be focusing on running the business in The Netherlands and you will need to build your own client portfolio of clients in the fashion and design sector that are interested in a supply chain that will have positive impact.


You will oversee all of the major functions for the client side of our business including market positioning, acquisition, budgeting and Human Resources. 

You will help during strategy sessions and prioritise activities that are in line with the vision. 

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The profile we are looking for:

- Are you an entrepreneur at heart and ready to jump start a new adventure full time or part-time.

- You have experience building a team and know what takes to find and hire team members?

- You are interested or even better have experience in lifestyle and design brands?

- Are you passionate about building a social enterprise to help disadvantaged entrepreneurs in developing countries?

- Are you fluent in English and Dutch?

Things we want you to deliver:

  • Integrator: We want you to oversee the daily business that is client facing and allocate your own time accordingly.  

  • Hiring: You will be building a team of +/- 5 around you so you will need to prioritise who to hire when. You will need to find a balance in budgeting, company needs and hiring. 

  • Acquisition: You will be developing a portfolio of 10+ clients in the first year that will be piloting the service. 

  • Strategy: You will be developing strategic priorities and acting upon them according to the scale up methodology.   

  • Supply Chain: You will need to learn as much as possible on supply chain management in the first year. 

What do you get from us? 

At Labl we are all about practical entrepreneurship and taking well educated risks. We work as a team and and highly ambitious. You are guaranteed a share in the company as we start up the company and you will receive a competitive wage in comparison to other start up companies. After years of experience our founders have decided to focus on the scaling up methodology by Verne Harnish as the backbone for the company. We have structured daily check-ins, weekly team meetings and quarterly strategy meetings. Because the company is based in both Europe and Africa at the moment you can expect to travel internationally on a monthly basis. 

 Expect to embark on an awesome adventure. We work hard but play harder! 

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