Make the fashion industry social & sustainable!  


The fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter and cause of many horrible working conditions. Many traditional producers are polluting the environment and have unfair and unethical ethical working condition. The problem with traditional producers is that they have legacy systems and old ways of working. Change is expensive and therefore social welfare and sustainability comes with a price.  

“Limited to local sales, millions of communities are trapped in their small economies, unable to break the poverty trap. They struggle to sustain their families and business. One of the biggest problems is exclusion of financial services which limits market access investment opportunities."

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Over one billion people in the world do not have access to financial services. That means they don't have a bank account and cannot get loans. This makes it more difficult to save money or invest in new businesses. They stay trapped in poverty. We want to change this! 

“The impact of this, so called, financial exclusion is that people from rural communities in developing countries don't have access to large international markets. They can't buy or sell things digitally, they can't get loans or investments to grow their business and they can't receive money from international buyers. We want to break this loop and stimulate craftsmen and artisan in developing countries by connecting them to a new international market." 

Our journey towards 

sustainable fashion 

and flourishing communities.


We want to design a social supply chain to connect designers with makers. We are aiming to change the way consumers purchase, designers source and craftsmen produce. In this way we are enabling handicraft communities in the developing world to compete in the global fashion and design market. We want make conscious shopping the default! 

“By connecting designers and crafters we create a virtual workshop that offers a demand-responsive production model. We will transform the technology already in their hands, mobile phones, into a smart business tool. Via our mobile solution, crafters can receive orders, manage delivery & inventory and get paid directly. The crafters are distributed into an an efficient and powerful production force. Our transparant blockchain based system matches the crafters capacity in real time with the global demand of designers and their customers. We make sustainable crafting possible that meet the demands of quality, pricing and volume with the global market.”

Our five principles for our mission

With beautiful quality fashion crafted with passion, we want to show that it can be done differently, inclusive and with equal opportunities. We want to be commercially successful by living up to our high social standards. And these are they.

Sustainable value creation

Community based manufactering

Fully transparant supply chain 

Guaranteed international quality checks

Flourishing communities and long term growth

What can you do?

We want to make conscious consuming the default! And you can help us with that. Have you ever dreamed of design your own fashion label? This is the chance! We can personally connect you with our production facilities in local communities and we will relieve you with everything that has to do logistics, sourcing, finance whatsoever. Start your fashion brand today and commit to design a more inclusive, productive and sustainable future for all.